Lingerie digital gift card for wife
How to use a Digital Gift Card
How to use a Digital Gift Card
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How to use a Digital Gift Card

Digital Gift Card FAQs

Why Buy a Moxy Intimates Lingerie Gift Card ?

Many of our buyers buy lingeries to gift their significant others or their friend who is getting married. Whatever even you are celebrating, gifting lingerie can a unique choice. Especially if this is someone that usually don't spend money pampering themselves.
But shopping for bras and underwear for other people can be pretty challenging. Especially if you have no experience buying women's lingerie, it may be difficult for you to figure out her sizes. Even for women, I personally find it awkward(and hilarious) if my friend caught me going through her underwear drawer. On top of that, you may not know what type of lingerie she is into. Even if you can make some guesses, what you think is bold and beautiful, might be out of her comfort zone.
So lingerie gift card, will make gifting lingerie sets a lot easier. No matter if its for anniversary, holidays, or wedding, gift cards from Moxy will simplify the process and make sure she get something she truly likes.
Egift card also take away the headache of rush shipping. If you are last minute person, like me, you may have to pay more to get your gift delivered on time. With digital lingerie gift card, your honeymoon gift, birthday gift can be scheduled down to minutes. So you can make sure your surprise is not late!

How to Use the Moxy Intimates Lingerie Gift Card ?

Follow the steps above, you will be able to send a gift card to your partner or friend with just a few clicks. They will receive an email with your gift message and a unique coupon code. They can also add the coupon into their apple wallet, so it won't get lost or be accidentally deleted.
To redeem the gift card, simply paste the code into the coupon code box when checking out!

Can I Give My Moxy Gift Card to Someone Else?

Yes! Just like a physical gift card, digital gift card can be regifted. The code on each digital gift card is unique, so once the full amount is redeemed by using the code, there will be nothing left on the card to be regifted.
If you do not plan to use your gift card at all, you can also simply forward the gift card email to a friend.