Online shop for sexy lingerie and romantic intimates
Online shop for sexy lingerie and romantic intimates
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Moxy Intimates online review
Moxy Intimates online review
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Moxy Intimates

What are lingerie? What are the different types of lingerie?

Lingerie is a category of women's clothing, including underwear, bras, panties, sleepwear, and robes. The term "Lingerie" is used to describe undergarments that are meant to make you feel special. Unlike everyday underwear, lingerie is often made from lace, satin, silk, and sheer materials that pursue a fabulous aesthetic. This item may not be as functional as padded bras, but they are meant to make you feel confident and romantic.
Moxy Intimates offers a variety of lingerie for any occasion you have coming. Including classic three-piece lingerie sets or garter belt lingerie, two-piece bra and panty sets, bodysuits (also referred to as teddies), and sexy loungewear such as robes & slips. Each type of lingerie may be more flattering to different body types. For example, babydoll lingerie provides more coverage and is excellent for showcasing one's lower body while covering the stomach area.
However, don't let the types of lingerie confuse you; choose something that will make you feel your sexiest and most beautiful self! Celebrate your special moments in love with a daring adventure into the lingerie world.

What is Moxy lingerie store about?

The most affordable lingerie brand that doesn't look "cheap"

We founded Moxy Intimates because we hate paying for overpriced undergarments as women, yet it is so difficult to find stylish tasteful lingerie at accessible price point.

If you ended up here after a long search over the internet for cheap lingeries, you know exactly what I'm talking about. 😂

With our professional expertise in design and production, we are committed to creating elegant lingerie at a fair price so that more women can celebrate their sexy selves. 💛

An Independent Lingerie Brand

Founded by a group of female designers in Brooklyn in 2019, we launched Moxy on Etsy. Thanks to our amazing customers, Moxy has finally been able to grow into its own independent online lingerie store. Our 14,000 + interactions on Etsy made us understand what our community needs. While working on new designs, we are also focusing on making sure your special plan goes perfectly:

  • Discreet shipping and payments.
  • Easy return & exchanges.
  • Gifting options for friends.

Although our operation is growing bigger, we are committed to building personal relationships with our customers like before. Feel free to email us for special requests, suggestions, or just chitchat! 😺


Join our community

This new year, we aim to spread the joy of self-expression, self-confidence, and self-love through lingerie. We are looking to recruit inspiring women to expand our brand image.

If you are interested in sharing your pictures so more women can feel represented in commerce, please reach out to us here

Every body type is welcome! Your contribution showcases the differences that make each of us beautiful. Thank you for supporting our small business. 


How to buy from an online lingerie store like Moxy?

Shopping at an online lingerie store like Moxy is easy and fun! Especially if you are not a big fan of pushy salespeople at local lingerie stores. You may want to explore your options secretly or be intimated by shopping in a crowded store. You can easily find lingerie you love at Moxy Intimates. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Browse & Explore: Dive into our lingerie collection; whether you are shopping lingerie for a lover or yourself, you will find elegant bridal lingerie, daring bondage lingerie, and sexy everyday lingerie at Moxy Intimates.
  2. Pick Your Favorites: Found something you love? Select your size (check our size guide for clarification) and add it to your cart. Remember to peek at the product details for care instructions and fabric info.
  3. Check Out: Once you've got all your goodies in the cart, head to checkout. Fill in your shipping details, choose your payment method, and voilà — you're almost done!
  4. Confirm Your Order: Hit the confirm button, and you'll receive an email with all the juicy details of your purchase. We'll keep you posted with shipping updates until your Moxy order arrives at your doorstep. Our shipping is discreet, so you don't need to worry about ruining a surprise. 
  5. Unbox & Enjoy: The best part! Rip open your package (carefully, of course) and try on your new finds. It's time to enjoy your new lingerie with your partner!

How to gift lingerie for a special occasion?

Gifting lingerie for a special occasion is a thoughtful and intimate gesture! It not only adds some spark to your relationship but can also remind your partner how sexy they are. You may also be shopping for a bride for her honeymoon; your friend will enjoy your thoughtful gift during her memorable trip. Here's a fun and friendly guide to getting it just right:

  1. What is their style? Think about their personality and what they love to wear. Are they all about lace and elegance, or do they prefer something bold and daring? Picking something that reflects their taste shows you've thought about them. Some lingerie can also be intimidating; a revealing set may make your partner uncomfortable the first time. So, really consider what she likes before you buy a lingerie gift.
  2. What is their size? Sneak a peek at the size labels on their current favorite lingerie pieces to ensure a perfect fit. If you don't have access to her wardrobe, go shopping with her and find her clothing size. This will help you convert her dress size to Moxy intimates' lingerie size. Remember, comfort is critical to making them feel fabulous!
  3. What is the occasion? What's the celebration? Romantic anniversary? Playful birthday surprise? or a classy bridal shower? Choose a piece that fits the vibe of the special day to make it even more memorable. For example, red and pink lingerie is especially popular on Valentine's Day.
  4. What is the plan? Will you be presenting the gift on a romantic getaway? Gifting along with a nice bubble bath? Wrap your gift in special packaging and make a fun adventure out of the giving alone.

Gifting lingerie is about the garments and the message of love and intimacy they convey. Have fun picking out the perfect piece; they will love it because it comes from you!

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