Lingerie gifts for your bestie's bridal shower based on her bridal styles

Lingerie gifts for your bestie's bridal shower based on her bridal styles

Although your bestie will love you no matter what kind of lingerie you gave her for her bridal shower and honeymoon. We are here to help you figure out the best choices based on her bridal style. Plus, if we are going to blog about something, who doesn't like to look at beautiful wedding gowns and fancy hairdos. 


The Classic Bride

The classic bride choses the timeless, simple designs. She's thinking how this dress will look at her 50th anniversary. She's picked you the minimal pearl earrings and satin white shoes. Think french tips and sleek updo! 

We recommend a classic lace lingerie set for this bride. She likes styles that are sophisticated and not too revealing. A lace set with wide garter belt would be the perfect bridal shower gift for her!  - Shop the classic bridal set 

The Romantic Bride

The romantic bride is a princess at heart! She loves soft, feminine designs. Choses pastel colors, floral, and flowy designs! Her dress maybe light-as-air tulle, intricate lace with floral appliques. Her hairstyle choices are soft long curls or loose chignon. 

We recommend a floral semi-sheer design for this bride. She can handle a little bit of colors other than white, and she won'r say no to more pastel flowers. - Shop the elegant flower set

romantic bridal style with whimsical design details, floral, lace and see through flower lingerie is the best match

The Boho Bride

The boho bride is the friend that always had the coolest cloth that looked like she bought it backpacking through India! Her wedding is going to be like a magic ritual in the woods! Maybe she's going to wear a cowboy hat and some boots! And she's probably going to have gluten free and vegan cake at the wedding as well. She's the definition of free spirit! Oh, and there might be a horse at the wedding too. 

This is really a no brainer, this wireless sheer botanical set would be the perfect set for her! 

bohemian brides choses white boots and cute knit bag for her wedding, a botanical lingerie set would be perfect for her

The Modern Bride

She has always been so cool! She has been talking about wearing tailored white suits for the wedding and straight sleek hair. She likes to shop at brands that are new and trendy. Her fashion sense is not what you'd call traditional feminine. Her big energy deserve something cool, bold and powerful! 

A cool white bondage set, or a two piece set without the garter will probably win her heart. 

modern bride style lingerie with bondage design or unique lace, twist on the classic


Don't feel like we have covered your bestie? Take a look at our Perfect bridal collection and let us know which one would be perfect for your summer bride! 

After all, the bride will always be grateful of having a friend like you. Having you being there for her on one of the most important dat of her life means more than any gift you can get! 

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