Inked in the Fashion Industry

Inked in the Fashion Industry

This week, we invited Jordanna Bettencourt to talk about the trends in fashion and her experience in the modeling industry as someone with love for tattoos. Enjoy her writing and would like to keep up with the hottest fashion trends? Follow her Instagram to get inspired! 

Hi There! my name is Jordanna Bettencourt and I’m an influencer, writer, and behavioral technician based in South Florida. To me, being physically and mentally healthy is the most important aspect of beauty and strength. Whatever is happening inside will radiate outside. Thank you for reading! 

Inked in the Fashion Industry

What defines beauty? Is beauty truly in the eye of the beholder? Is it something that can be altered and change as time moves forward? When pondering the answer to these questions, we must take into account the history and change of beauty standards. Starting back from the 1960’s, the “slender” look has always been a wanted style. Makeup was used entirely different from what we are used to today. As decades passed, we noticed the 70’s and 80’s had an intensive change to their wardrobe, makeup, and hairstyles. Once the 90’s came around, everyone attempted

To achieve “the model look”; from dark lip liner, to silk dresses, to mules and clogs. I specifically wouldn’t want to touch on Y2K fashion even though some styles are making a comeback and thank god it’s the good ones. 

Photographed by Mario Testino, Vogue, December 2000

Photographed by Mario Testino, Vogue, December 2000

But what about the new trend of tattoos? Not only do we see it on people who aren’t considered celebrities but many of them do have some. Especially runway and editorial models. I think this is a huge change for the industry and a dynamic that should be spoken about more. An aspect of art that is used on the body to represent whatever that person wanted, was feeling, or thinking at the time. Tattoos become a part of a person and their personality. While you may see some famous models with many tattoos such as Hailey Bieber, Paris Jackson, and many others, most editorial models get airbrushed down or turned down by agencies due to many tattoos. 

As a person whose experienced direct rejection from modeling agencies due to having too many tattoos, I started to wonder why it is frowned upon in an industry that is essentially considered to be part of the arts. I believe this topic should be spoken about more and those who have been rejected should come out and speak on how and why their tattoos are important to them, are considered art, and do not take away the main idea of fashion. 

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