How to Wear a Lace Bodysuit: Top 15 Bodysuit Outfit Ideas

How to Wear a Lace Bodysuit: Top 15 Bodysuit Outfit Ideas

Hey there! Do you have bodysuits in your closet? They're super versatile and have become popular lately. No matter your style - casual or dressy- a bodysuit can work day and night! I'm here to give you some tips and tricks for styling your bodysuit and even lingerie teddies so you can feel confident and look great. We'll cover everything from rocking it with jeans to dressing it up with stockings. So, let's get started! 

What to Wear with a Lace bodysuit

Underwear as outerwear has been a trend for a while now, and it doesn't look like it will be going away soon. An elegant lace bodysuit can be an incredible staple piece for your wardrobe. It's sexy, and you won't have to worry about it being "un-tucked" like a shirt!

What to Wear Under a Bodysuit

If you have a wired or padded bodysuit like this one, you don't have to wear anything under a bodysuit. But if you are not planning to style it with cover-ups, a lace bodysuit with nothing underneath might push you out of your comfort zone. Here are some suggestions for you to wear a lace bodysuit with confidence.

Wearing a bra or bralette under your bodysuit

When it comes to wearing a bra or bralette under your bodysuit, it depends on your preference and the type of bodysuit you have. You may not need a bra if the bodysuit has built-in cups or support. However, a bra is an excellent addition to a bodysuit outfit if you prefer extra support or coverage. Just be sure to choose a style that won't be visible under the bodysuit, such as a strapless or racerback bra. But a sheer bodysuit can also work with a bra. If the layered look is what you are going for, a bright-colored or floral bra might be a great choice to show off with your lace bodysuit.

Wearing pasties under your bodysuit

Pasties are a must-have for the summer if you want a sleek, strapless look without worrying about the bra slipping. We also use pasties like this when we take photos with our models. Especially if the bodysuit is made of sheer or see-through fabric, you can find pasties that are sweat-proof for the summer and come in various skin tones, so your bodysuit outfit can be picture-perfect.

nippies nipple cover for wearing a bodysuit

Should I wear underwear (panty) under my bodysuit?

Ultimately, it's up to your personal preference and what makes you feel the most comfortable. At Moxy Intimates, our lingerie bodysuits are meant to be worn without anything underneath, but that's when they are worn in the bedrooms; if you are going out and feel like a thong bodysuit is too uncomfortable, why not double it up with a full-but bottom.


What to Wear Over a Bodysuit

Now we have covered what to wear under a bodysuit, let's talk about what to wear over a bodysuit to make a cute outfit come alive!

Wearing a blazer or jacket over your bodysuit

Outerwear can also make an outfit looks more thought out, plus a jacket and blazer will make a great fall bodysuit look. Also, since many lace bodysuits are revealing, having a cover-up is a great way to feel less self-conscious in public but still look sexy and flirty. Check out this look from Bella Hadid. The classic lace bodysuit looks so luxurious yet relaxed under the jacket! This would be a great date night look! A blazer will have the same effect!

Bella hadid wearing black lace bodysuit

Wearing jeans or pants over your bodysuit

A pair of high-waisted jeans or pants are great options to wear over a bodysuit for a casual yet sophisticated look. For a daytime look, go for a floral or solid-color bodysuit with high-waisted pants. Pair it with a blazer in the cooler weather, and you will look like a boss. For a night out, choose a more formal bodysuit with lace or embellishments. Skinny jeans are classic, but you can try boyfriend or wide-leg jeans. Accessorize with a statement necklace or earrings, a belt, and cute shoes like ankle boots or sneakers. You'll be a fashion pro in no time!

Wearing a skirt over your bodysuit

Camis and shorts skirts make a great summer outfit, if you like the top to be more snug and form-fitting, go with a bodysuit, and then you won't have to worry about the top being untucked. A short skirt, like an A-line skirt over a bodysuit, accentuates your waist and makes your legs appear longer. A long skirt is always more dressed up, but pairing it with a lace bodysuit will balance its formalness with a sexy touch.

10 Outfit Ideas for What to Wear with a Bodysuit

1. Casual look: Bodysuit + Denim Jeans  

Casual bodysuit outfit idea

2. Business Casual: Bodysuit + High-Waisted Pants or Suits + Bold Necklace

Bodysuit + high-waisted pants + lux handbag

3. Trendy yet Sophisticated: Bodysuit + Blazer + Jeans + High Heels

a trendy yet sophisticated bodysuit look

4. Flirty Date Night: Bodysuit + Button-down Shirt + Jeans

Flirty date night bodysuit outfit

5. Street Style: Sexy High-cut Bodysuit + Jeans or Sweatpants

high cut bodysuit outfit idea

6. Bohemian Style: Bodysuit + Jeans + High-heeled Sandals

bohemian bodysuit outfit idea

7. Glamorous Night Out: Bodysuit + Big Jacket (Fluffy Coat)

fur coat with bodysuit outfit

8. Bold and Daring: Bodysuit + Shorts + Long Coat + Statement Sandals

Bold and Daring: bodysuit + shorts + long coat

9. 90s Hip: Bodysuit + Short Coat + Flare Jeans

90s Hip: Bodysuit + Short Coat + Flare Jeans

10. Colorful and Chic: Bodysuit + Bright Color pants

Colorful and Chic: Bodysuit + Bright Color pants

11. Edgy: Bodysuit + Leather Pants + Motorcycle Jacket

Edgy: Bodysuit + Leather Pants + Motorcycle Jacket

12. Sexy and Sleek: Bodysuit + A-line Skirt

Sexy and Sleek: Bodysuit + A-line Skirt

13. Elegant and Classy: Bodysuit + Wide Leg Pants

Elegant and Classy: Bodysuit + Wide Leg Pants

14. Layered Look: Bodysuit + Cardigan 

Layered Look: Bodysuit + Cardigan

15. Bold and Flirty: Bodysuit + Low-waisted Pants

 Bold and Flirty: Bodysuit + Low-waisted Pants

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