What is lingerie? What are the different types of lingerie?

Lingerie is a category of women's clothing, including underwear, bras, panties, sleepwear, and robes. The term "Lingerie" is used to describe undergarments that are meant to make you feel special. Unlike everyday underwear, lingerie is often made from lace, satin, silk, and sheer materials that pursue a fabulous aesthetic. This item may not be as functional as padded bras, but they are meant to make you feel confident and romantic.
Moxy Intimates offers a variety of lingerie for any occasion you have coming. Including classic three-piece lingerie sets or garter belt lingerie, two-piece bra and panty sets, bodysuits (also referred to as teddies), and sexy loungewear such as robes & slips. Each type of lingerie may be more flattering to different body types. For example, babydoll lingerie provides more coverage and is excellent for showcasing one's lower body while covering the stomach area.
However, don't let the types of lingerie confuse you; choose something that will make you feel your sexiest and most beautiful self! Celebrate your special moments in love with a daring adventure into the lingerie world.

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