How to gift lingerie for a special occasion?

Gifting lingerie for a special occasion is a thoughtful and intimate gesture! It not only adds some spark to your relationship but can also remind your partner how sexy they are. You may also be shopping for a bride for her honeymoon; your friend will enjoy your thoughtful gift during her memorable trip. Here's a fun and friendly guide to getting it just right:

  1. What is their style? Think about their personality and what they love to wear. Are they all about lace and elegance, or do they prefer something bold and daring? Picking something that reflects their taste shows you've thought about them. Some lingerie can also be intimidating; a revealing set may make your partner uncomfortable the first time. So, really consider what she likes before you buy a lingerie gift.
  2. What is their size? Sneak a peek at the size labels on their current favorite lingerie pieces to ensure a perfect fit. If you don't have access to her wardrobe, go shopping with her and find her clothing size. This will help you convert her dress size to Moxy intimates' lingerie size. Remember, comfort is critical to making them feel fabulous!
  3. What is the occasion? What's the celebration? Romantic anniversary? Playful birthday surprise? or a classy bridal shower? Choose a piece that fits the vibe of the special day to make it even more memorable. For example, red and pink lingerie is especially popular on Valentine's Day.
  4. What is the plan? Will you be presenting the gift on a romantic getaway? Gifting along with a nice bubble bath? Wrap your gift in special packaging and make a fun adventure out of the giving alone.

Gifting lingerie is about the garments and the message of love and intimacy they convey. Have fun picking out the perfect piece; they will love it because it comes from you!

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