Why Lingerie?

Why Lingerie?

 What is lingerie?

The concept of lingerie as a visually appealing undergarment was developed during the late nineteenth century. Lady Duff-Godon of Lucile was a pioneer in developing lingerie that freed women from more restrictive corsets. 

Lingerie has became a category of undergarments to be worn under everyday clothing, for special occasions such as a wedding night, honeymoon, special date, valentine’s day, boudoir shoots, or birthday celebration, etc. Different from everyday underwear, which prioritize comfort, lingeries are designed to provide the coolest fashion aesthetics to elevate the look and bring out the best version of you.

At Moxy, we like to think that Lingerie is an experience.  Through a variety of flirty and dreamy fabric, styles, colors, design and sizes lingeries help women embrace their femininity and transform the way you see yourself. 

Celebrate Love

When you are planning a special date night with your boo, a reunion with your significant one, or going on vacation with your partner, why not try lingerie? It expresses your love and appreciation to your other half. It brings out your confidence but also your vulnerability, It is like going to a new fancy restaurant, wearing lingerie for your partner is a new experience for both of you. And it will be a memory that both of you cherish.

Celebrate You

A common misconception about lingerie is that it has to be worn in front of others. But actually, lingerie allows you to connect with your femininity, and changes the way you perceive your body. Wearing lingerie should be an empowering experience that make you feel good about yourself. Open a bottle of wine and be ready to be surprised of how sexy you already are. 

Explore yoru alter ego

We all have different versions of ourselves. Lingerie can give you an opportunity to explore your inner selves. Maybe you want to push the boundary with a dark, bold, dominatrix lingerie style, or claim your thrown with a soft, dainty, lacey lingerie that is drenched in sweetness. Either way selecting your favorite lingerie is a fun experience. As you try to bring out different characteristics within yourself, it may surprise everyone. 


Bridal Shower Lingerie Party

Throughout the years, lingerie is traditionally being used to prepare a bride for one of the most important day in her life, the weeding night. This ritual continues to be an essential full-package preparation for a bride because wearing the right lingerie outfit in the wedding night is everything. Showing pride and confidence in the new journey that has just began is super exciting! 👰 If you are throwing a bridal shower, lingerie is the must-have gift for the bride. 



Honeymoon & Vacations

Honeymoon is that perfect and special occasion to pack you a few sets of flawless lingerie and wear them proudly. Having a break from the everyday routine, and busy life responsibilities, honeymoon is the ideal time you deserve to rest, feel pampered, and pretty while putting it on some adorable lingerie pieces!  

Boudoir Photoshoots 

Feeling yourself and posing with confidence in front of the camera screen without fear of being ashamed of your body is the most important messages we learn through boudoir shoots. We learn to love our body as it is and love our imperfections-too. Wearing a lingerie set in a boudoir event is a classic choice. You can also pair your favorite lingerie with other accessories to complete the look such as glasses, hats, robe, or high-heels, you can also experiment with the lingerie styles, colors, and select the right one that match your theme and vibe.

Gift your Lady

Perhaps you are a caring and lovable parter, a new father, or just a person running out of gift ideas! Why not try gifting lingerie? It gives your lady a boost of confidence, knowing that you still have got that fire for her. Plus, it is kind of like a gift for yourself too. 😉 At Moxy, you can add a personalized message to the package and purchase a gift wrap  to make it extra special! 

Valentine’s Day

We know that you do not need to wait for Valentine's Day to celebrate your love for your partner, because every day is a day of love! Either you celebrate it or not, Valentine’s is a special time to have a break from routine and an excuse to try something bold! What makes a valentine happier than sweet lingerie paired with candles, chocolates, flowers, and champagne? Pink or red are usually the most requested styles during this special occasion of love!  💖 

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